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Design Concepts

For any creative project, the first step is to establish the overarching theme. Every design decision like color palette, typography, layout, illustration styles, and so on, stems from the design concept.


We presented the clients with three design concepts Nature and Nurture (a focus on sustainability), Eye See You (a look to the future of print production and graphic arts) and Through 'A' Looking Window (an emphasis on print production and the Accent brand), all of which align with the brand values and their already established design language.

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Interior Elements

As the new Pocket Pal is geared towards young creative professionals, we felt that the inside of the book should have some fun elements to inspire the reader. Here are some structural changes we proposed.

Interior Layout Options

A major pain point of the previous edition of the Pocket Pal was the dense layout. To solve this, we proposed four options for the interior spread layout, incorporating more breathing space, margins, and visually engaging elements.

Table of Content Design

The Table of Contents sets the tone of the book. In order to engage the reader, we suggested some fresh, modern layouts, not only are they visually pleasing but also facilitate a better navigational experience.

Section Dividers

Chapter dividers are essential to ease navigation and get the reader from the table of contents to where they need to be in a more efficient manner. We proposed these design options. 

Pocket Structure Explorations

To pay homage to the title, we suggested adding a pocket to the book, so readers can store their own notes in the book itself. Here are some options for the pocket design we proposed.

Cover Designs

“Don’t judge a book by the cover” might be a famous phrase, but we all do it anyway (especially creative professionals)! The Pocket Pal needed a fresh, younger look, to get readers curious about what’s going on inside the book. Our team played to our individual strengths and made use of our diverse skills to come up with four strong design options.

Cover Design: Colour Variations

After the clients decided on the cover design, we researched and ideated on color trends and came up with color variations. Each color has emotional impact on the viewer, so it is crucial to choose colors according to the messaging we want to express. Here were our suggestions.

Checkpoint 2.jp2

Cover Design: Explorations

We painstakingly poured over the finer details and nitty-gritties of the cover design. How rounded should the corners be? Should we try to incorporate the Accent logo design? What if we included a pattern or texture? All these questions were explored to make sure we come up with the best solution.

Cover Design: Type Layout

Type choice and placement plays a crucial role in design hierarchy. We explored many options to show off the name of the book and the brands associated with the new 22nd edition.

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