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The Project

In 2021, Sylvamo Papers was created as a spin-off of international Papers. One of the things that Sylvamo inherited in the separation was the rich legacy of PocketPal. International Paper created the PocketPal in 1934 as a condensed summary of printing terms. It was originally used by print estimators and advertising product managers but quickly evolved into a Bible for Graphic Artists, Printers, and anyone in the paper industry.


Sylvamo came to us with the problem: that the 21st edition of the book published in 2019 was being branded under International Papers and needed to be relaunched under the Sylvamo name. They wanted to put Sylvamo’s Accent on the PocketPal. They also felt that the content of the book was comparatively outdated.


  • To preserve 88 years of history and knowledge that the book provides but renew some of its energy and excitement

  • Appeal to the next generation of Printers and Graphic designers

  • Utilize the book as another tool to support the value of the Accent Brand


  • Relaunch the PocketPal

  • Reposition Accent opaque in the current market

  • Reach to the new generation of designers
    and printers

  • Redesign the cover and the visual elements to make the PocketPal more appealing and fresh 

  • Rework and audit the content to make it more relevant to today's times

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